Buying Farm Land, Expanding Your Farm, and Helping the Environment: How GIS Consulting Helps You Make the Best Decisions

After deciding that you want to go into farming, you may want to hire someone in GIS consulting before you start or expand your business. People who are generally unfamiliar with a geographical area in terms of the environment, wildlife, and other local factors and don't know how to make a particular business thrive in a specific area need someone who can show them all of these things and more. Before you buy your first piece of farmland anywhere or expand the farm you have, hire a GIS consultant. Here is how these specialized consultants can help you make the best decisions for land purchases and expansions and make sure your farming does not negatively impact the environment.

Mapping the Local Land  

Agriculture and farming require that you know a little about the lay of the land. The GIS consultant you hire will map out any area you are considering purchasing and provide you with

  • Directions with which you should plow to make the most of the land in each location you are considering
  • Informaiton about any trees which may have to be removed to make plowing easier
  • information about any natural water sources you could use for irrigation
  • information about the potential for downhilll irrigation or runoff of fertilizer
  • Information about soil fertility and composition in the land you are looking at buying (e.g., too sandy, too loamy, too rocky, not enough nutrients to grow a specific crop, etc.)

It is considerably more helpful to have this information in front of you before you make an agricultural land purchase than after you have already bought the land and have realized that there are going to be some issues when it comes to plowing, planting, and watering. Your consultant uncovers these problems and does the research for you so that you can focus on other aspects of your career in farming.

The Impact on the Environment

The other part of the services provided by your GIS consultant is the impact on the environment that your choices might make. Should you use liquid manure for fertilizer, or will the liquid manure run off downhill and pollute the nearest stream? Are there any rare animals living in the area whose nesting, mating, or foraging habits might be disturbed by your agricultural equipment? Will chemicals you use to protect your crops poison the local wildlife? All of these questions will have been heavily researched by your GIS consultant so that you can make an educated decision about buying farmland, expanding the farmland you have, and growing crops on that land in a way that takes care of the surrounding environment and does not harm it.

If you are interested in working with a GIS consultant, contact consultants like Allan R. Standen, LLC to find a consultant who is right for you and your business.