Organic Growth: Four Things You Will Need for Your Organic Lawn

Having an environmentally friendly home is not only about the features and additions that you make to the structure of the home. Going organic outside of your home can give you a beautiful and healthy lawn. An all-natural, organic lawn will give your children and animals a clean space to be and provide you with healthy outside space. Here are a few items that you will need to create an organic and clean lawn. 

Purchase all-natural grass seed

If you wish to start an appropriate organic lawn, you should get non-GMO seeds to start your lawn. This will ensure that your seeds are all natural and that your lawn will not have any genetically modified materials. Purchase enough seeds so that you can plant and sprout grass once, and then go over the area again to produce a lawn that looks full and healthy. 

Use organic fertilizer

In order to get your lawn and garden to grow, you will need to get fertilizer to spread during the growing phase. Stock up on organic fertilizer to spread around your lawn while the grass is growing. The organic fertilizer is likely to be less harmful than chemical fertilizer, especially if you have pets or allergies. Using only organic fertilizer in your lawn will preserve the integrity of your organic lawn and garden. You can get organic fertilizer from a company like Nature Safe.

Practice organic pest control

If you plan to grow flowers and vegetables inside of your lawn, you will need pest control. Most pest-control options on the market feature chemicals and other products that won't mix with an organic lawn. Select an organic pest-control product, such as diatomaceous earth or neem oil. These will be able to keep rodents and insects off of your lawn and away from all of your plant and vegetable goodies. 

Stick with a push lawn mower

Instead of getting a mower that will need gas, you should get a push mower. Push mowers will cut your lawn down to size with just a little more manual maneuvering. Along with a push mower, you will also need the ability to rake up any excess grass. Though with a push mower it will take a little bit more manual labor to produce the same results as a gas mower, you will not have to worry about any residual chemicals harming your lawn. A push mower and a rake will give you a clean and trim lawn without the use of any chemicals at all.