Thinking Of Spring: How Sod Can Improve Your Landscaping

With spring quickly approaching, your thoughts may be turning to how your lawn currently looks. This is the perfect time of year to make some plans to improve the appearance of your landscaping. To make your grass look simply stunning, you should consider sod. Sod is an eco-friendly solution that is water saving and attractive. When laying sod, there are different ways to approach it and add some unique touches at the same time. The following are some ideas to consider:

Add Geometric Elements

You can add some design to your sodded landscaping by adding some fun geometric elements. You can add some stepping-stones, pavers, or tiles to make paths or checkered patterns. This helps to break up the solid green grass while also making the yard look larger. Have fun when choosing your elements as well as their placement.

Create Shapes

When having your sod placed, consider creating fun shapes. You are only limited by your imagination. Adding your sod in shapes also leaves more space to create garden beds to help break up the grass while adding some additional color to the landscaping.

Take A Multi-Tiered Approach To Laying Sod

To add a unique touch to your lawn, you may want to consider creating tiers with the sod. This is simply layering the sod to create three-dimensional elements. Doing this creates hills, steps, or valleys. Not only will this add unique visual appeal, but it also will help create the illusion of more space.

Work Around Your Current Lawn Elements

If you want to add grass to your landscaping but have some elements you do not want disturb, laying sod can help you do that with ease. For instance, if you have a large fountain, fire pit, or walkway that you do not want to move, you can turn those into the focal point of your landscaping by using them as a focal point of the project. You will be able to enjoy your new lawn and elements with a new appreciation when adding sod around them.

Late winter is the best time to begin planning big projects for your outdoor space. You need to work closely with a landscaping specialist to discuss your ideas and talk about what your ultimate goals are. Keep in mind that there are different types of sod, so you will need to work with a professional so that your lawn will thrive and look great all spring and summer long. Contact a company like B & B Hoffman Sod Farms to learn more.